Division I College Prep Recruiting Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my son participate in Post Graduate Lacrosse?

  • Players should participate in Post Graduate Lacrosse if they are dissatisfied with their current college prospects and are interested in getting competitive looks from competitive college Lacrosse programs. The Post Graduate Lacrosse program gives student-athletes an extra, extended season to be seen and recruited by colleges.
  • In addition, Post Graduate Lacrosse gives student-athletes time to mature and grow physically, mentally, and emotionally. Many college admissions offices (including Harvard) consider this “gap year” to be essential to a student’s growth and their ability to thrive in a college environment. College Admissions may look favorably on a student’s choice to take a gap year.
  • Post Graduate Lacrosse will also give student-athletes time to improve SAT scores, prepare college applications, visit schools, experience a college course on a college campus, and test living away from home.

What is the cost of the program?

  • Please visit our Tuition & Board page here.

What does tuition cover?

  • Potential exposure to college recruiters through games, tournaments and prospect days (if invited).
  • A college course with a professor at Merrimack College.
  • Outdoor & indoor box lacrosse and turf fields.
  • Gear that includes practice pinnie and game jersey (to be returned).
  • Expert and experienced coaching and advisory staff.
  • A college adviser relationship.
  • SAT prep tutoring with test taking strategies.
  • Exposure, marketing, and promotion by staff to NCAA lacrosse programs across the country.
  • Gap Year Experience.
  • College visits (when invited by coaches).
  • Weight Training Program.
  • Complete and full access to the training facility we use (at the discretion of MXB).

Where is the program based?

How long is the Post Graduate Lacrosse season?

  • The season will run from September through mid-December.
  • Student-athletes will have time off for Fall Break, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Winter Break.
  • MXB also offers summer training and league play through the USPLL in July.

Where will my son live?

  • Your son will live in the town of North Andover, MA or its vicinity. Boarding student-athletes will either be placed in a house with coaching staff and teammates, or in a residential dorm house wing monitored by coaches.

*It is important to note with regards to housing conduct: student-athletes in this program are monitored and can be asked to leave the program if the code of conduct rules are violated (see below).

*MXB Coaching Staff also reserves the right to move student-athletes at any point during the duration of the MXB College Prep Lacrosse season which includes league play and training in July.

– Please see the Tuition & Board page for more details.

What will my son eat?

  • Food will be provided by grocery shops and meal prep in the dormitory houses.

– Please see the Tuition & Board page for more details.

Who does my son’s team play against?

The Post Graduate Lacrosse season consists of playing in recruiting tournaments.

In total, our student-athletes will have:

Multiple hours of instructed lacrosse practice/skill training & strength & conditioning along with tournament games
Many hours of college guidance
Potential In person campus visits to Colleges/Universities
College level course
SAT Prep

What is the Code of Conduct?

  • The Code of Conduct is an agreement you sign along with your tuition that states you agree to be an abiding and upstanding citizen. You will represent yourself, your family, Post Graduate Lacrosse, the Middlesex Bears and the community that you are from with integrity and good decisions. Drug and alcohol use will not be tolerated and are grounds for suspension and/or termination from the program.

Can my son play Post Graduate Lacrosse and still live at home?

  • Yes, our day student-athletes will have access to the same benefits of the program minus housing and food.
  • Your son may want to consider becoming a boarding student-athlete and living with other players as a growth experience that will help prepare him for college living while being supervised by the Lacrosse staff.

What will I need to apply to Post Graduate Lacrosse?

  • To apply, we’ll need your high school transcript, standardized test scores (SATs, ACTs, APs, etc), video of you playing, your coach’s contact information, and a teacher reference.
  • To get started and to find out more about the program, please fill out the College Prep Recruiting Form.

Refund Policy

Every payment made to MXB, NEJLL, Black Bears Tier I Summer Academy (Hockey), Black Bears (Hockey), Summer positional Camps or MXB Lacrosse is non refundable.  However, if ample time is given (60 business days prior to the official start of each program) then a full credit (not a refund) for the following “season” will be given.  If notice is given less than 60 business days prior to the official start of any and all programs we offer, then there will NOT be full credit for the following “season” unless a Doctor’s note is provided.

While we feel everything is a 100% go for this summer from all of our communication with tournament directors, etc, we have to put something in place as a very worst case scenario.  However, in the event of a “force majeure”, which is an event beyond the control of the parties that prevents performance under contract, the credit will be advanced to the next available same experience.  

We will continue to work diligently with our student-athletes and families (for the benefit and next-phase placement of the student-athlete) in a remote capacity until that next same experience.  The relationships, guidance, and support are tangible and valuable, and should be taken advantage of in a worst case “force majeure”.