Bears Alumni

MXB Elite alumni, Calvin Driscoll, Derek Yannone & Brendan Croston
Former/current players who have or will compete at the NCAA Division I level:

  1. Paul Lynch – University of Maine
  2. Cliff Loya – University of Maine
  3. Pat Cullity – University of Vermont
  4. Kevan Miller – University of Vermont
  5. Jacob Mcflickier – University of New Hampshire
  6. Shawn Vinz – University of New Hampshire
  7. Ben Eaves – Boston College (2001 National Champion)
  8. Patrick Eaves – Boston College
  9. AJ Walker – Boston College (2001 National Champion)
  10. David Carpentier – Providence College
  11. Russ Stein – Providence College
  12. Matt Tommasiello – Providence College
  13. Chris Donovan – Northeastern University
  14. Ryan Caldwell – University of Denver (2004 National Champion)
  15. Max Bull – University of Denver (2004 National Champion)
  16. Zach Parise – University of North Dakota
  17. Jordy Parise – University of North Dakota
  18. Jordy Murray – University of North Dakota
  19. Tyler Hirsch – University of Minnesota (2003 National Champion)
  20. Andy Canzanello – Colorado College
  21. Steve Piatelli – Harvard University
  22. Vincent Pulera – Miami of Ohio
  23. Nick Petraglia – Miami of Ohio
  24. Marty Mjelli – St. Cloud State
  25. Ben Barr – RPI
  26. Josh Rabbani – RPI
  27. Chad Mayfield – West Point
  28. Casey Bickley – West Point
  29. JR Walker – Holy Cross
  30. Troy Weibler – Bentley University
  31. Ryan Mayhew – Bentley University
  32. Randy Harris – Niagara University
  33. Parker McKee – Duke (2010 National Champion Division I Lacrosse)
  34. Patrick Beckwith – AIC
  35. Tony Gill – Notre Dame
  36. Sawyer Moody – University of Pennsylvania (Ivy), committed to play
  37. Teagan Canning – University of Albany, committed to play
  38. Eric Robbins – University of Massachusetts, Lowell
  39. Johnny Bartlett – University of Massachusetts, Lowell
  40. Sam Cioffe – University of Vermont, committed to play
  41. Drew Cioffe – University of Vermont, committed to play
  42. Paul Miller – Holy Cross, committed to play
  43. Skyler Mickunas – University of Pennsylvania (Ivy)
  44. Ben Gill – UMass Lowell, committed to play
  45. Chris Carver – Bryant University (Football)
  46. Max Streng – Merrimack College (DI Lacrosse)

Former/current players who have or will compete at the NCAA Division III level:

  1. Ryan Klein – Skidmore College
  2. Tyler Carlbom – Skidmore College
  3. Tim Dancey – St. Michael’s College
  4. Issa Azat – Tufts University (NESCAC)
  5. Tim Doherty – Connecticut College (NESCAC)
  6. Ryan Riffe – Connecticut College (NESCAC)
  7. Mike Agliato – Connecticut College (NESCAC)
  8. Chris Buonomo – Colby College (NESCAC)
  9. Matt Rappaport – Colby College (NESCAC)
  10. Mike Manos – Hobart University
  11. Kevin Adam – Suffolk University
  12. James Uihlein – Brockport College
  13. Chris Piatelli – Hamilton College (NESCAC)
  14. Scott Winkler – Brockport College
  15. Tom Laven – Suffolk University
  16. Mike Dorsey – Wesleyan University (NESCAC)
  17. Max Feldman – Salve Regina
  18. Steve Dusich – UVM transferred to Gustavus Adolphus
  19. Nathan Espiritu – St. Olaf
  20. Matt Pinchevsky – Curry College
  21. Dan Rainer – Curry College
  22. Zach Wiegand – Trinity College (NESCAC)
  23. Mike Ashley – SUNY Cortland
  24. Eric Bentley – Brockport College
  25. Matt Crowson – Hamilton College (NESCAC)
  26. Tom Carrol – Castleton State
  27. Tom Harrison – Curry College
  28. Spencer Noyes – SUNY Potsdam
  29. Andrew Higgins – Union College (Lacrosse)
  30. Tim Recio – UMass Boston / Suffolk University
  31. Cam Miller – Hobart University
  32. Chris Beaudoin – Western New England College
  33. Matt Berard – UMass Dartmouth
  34. Richie Palai – NYU
  35. Chris Carpenter – UMD/Connecticut College (NESCAC)
  36. Kevin Hendrickson – Wesleyan University (NESCAC)
  37. Chas Gurry – Connecticut College (NESCAC)
  38. Cara McCarthy – Bentley College
  39. Erin Mikson – St. Michael’s College
  40. Megan Lane – Assumption College
  41. Ashley Gregory – Framingham State University
  42. Mike Roche – University of Maryland
  43. Alex Marshall – University of North Carolina  (committed for lacrosse, decided to play football at Florida State University)
  44. Spencer Jenkins – Connecticut College (NESCAC)
  45. Kyle Maxim – Norwich University
  46. AJ Keating – Norwich University
  47. David Sheehan – Lasell College
  48. Tommy Machado – Massachusetts Maritime Academy
  49. Matt Thomas – University of New England
  50. Derek Yannone – Endicott College
  51. Alex Morse – Elmira College
  52. Baliey Kennedy – Emerson College
  53. Calvin Driscoll – Endicott College
  54. Brendon Croston – Endicott College
  55. Anada Kao – Tufts University
  56. Molly Laliberty – Tufts University
  57. Andy Soucy – Endicott College
  58. Jackson Curran – Wesleyan University (NESCAC)
  59. Reed Foster – New England College
  60. Andrew Loya – University of New England
  61. Conor Foley – Franklin Pierce University
  62. Adam Carmen – Franklin Pierce (DII)
  63. Stephen Jacobs – Franklin Pierce (DII)
  64. Edward Griffin – Wentworth Institute of Technology
  65. Cullen Kane – Lake Forrest College
  66. Liam Johnson – King’s College
  67. Seth Zolda – Anna Maria College
  68. Anthony Haywood – Anna Maria College
  69. Sam Crary – Elmira College
  70. Charles Sullivan – The College Of Wooster

Some quotes about the owner from former players:

Parker McKee – Full Scholarship Duke Lacrosse – NCAA Division I 2010 Champion “Coach Moody has the experience and knowledge to help his players navigate through the very difficult college recruiting process.  Our relationship was one of mutual respect.  I admire his passion for competition and his desire to help all of his players get to the next level.  I am fortunate to have had him as a coach and value his friendship.”

Steve Piatelli – Recruited to play Lacrosse at Harvard – graduate of Harvard “Coach Moody has had a great impact on my life as a student-athlete.  His great competitiveness and drive for his players to achieve their absolute best is inspiring.  I am thankful for the many hours he spent with me looking at several different college options.  I am grateful for his dedication to me and my family during a very stressful period in my life.

Ben Barr – Full Scholarship RPI Hockey – former captain “Coach Moody was the reason why I had an opportunity to play and become a Captain at the Division I college level.  He was in close contact with college recruiters constantly and convinced many of them they needed to take a hard look at me.  One of those looks paid of for me and my entire family.  Not only did I achieve my dream of playing Division I, but I was able to tell my parents they did not have to pay a dime for college.  I am so thankful for Coach Moody and all that he has done.  He is a great coach and has become a true friend.”

Pat Cullity – Full Scholarship University of Vermont Hockey – former captain “I was coached by Coach Moody for five years as a student-athlete.  He has seen me grow and develop through all the different periods of my academic and athletic life.  His faith in me as a player gave me the confidence I needed to stay strong and continue to believe in my dream.  He was a knowledgeable and tough coach.  His experience and expertise are invaluable.  My family and I are forever grateful for all that he has done to put me in the position to earn a full scholarship and achieve a childhood dream of playing Division I athletics.”